It’s a beautiful day to hit the beach!

If you close your eyes & quietly listen, you can hear the sound of the waves breaking against the shore.

Always living near the ocean, I have been collecting sea glass, coral & shells for as far back as I can remember. My hobby has now progressed into creating eco friendly art. A passion developed by transforming my findings into unique Jewelry, Sculpture, Paintings, Custom Designed Tiles & Dramatic Wall Mosaics created from Authentic Surf Tumbled Sea Glass that I have hand collected. I am always adding to my sea glass collection whether it be a relaxing walk along the shore or by what we call "extreme glassing". This requires some extent of bravery. Rock climbing, squeezing through sea cliff crevasse to a remote cove...(always aware of the tide schedule), by means of bravery; entering the icy turbulent waters of northern California to grab a nice sized piece of Red Sea Glass as the waves pull it back to sea.

My love of Mother Ocean & Mother Earth has inspired me to design one of a kind jewelry & art. My love of our planet has solidified my commitment to living an ECO friendly lifestyle. I would consider my art to be green & earth friendly. I use materials (natural & discarded) that I have reclaimed then repurposed into beautiful pieces of art that you can wear, use in with, display or integrate into your home. Being green really doesn’t quite hit on what I stake claim to being as an artist. Even the word artist doesn’t feel right. I would say that I am an individual who disrespects our Planet. I am able to communicate this best by example, living Eco friendly,& through my creativity, thought process, & certainly through daily life experience. There my inspiration and my designs are born.

I am naturally drawn to the Ocean. Looking out to the farthest point, the seam of the horizon, the place where sea meets sky, I stare in awe. Energy resonating..a surge gives me chills. Mother Ocean, I feel your power, know of your magic,& I am intrigued by the mysteries that lie beneath your depths. I am humbled.

I have been quite fortunate to have lived on both coasts, Florida & California. When I travel abroad, if opportunity prevails, you will find me at the beach searching for sea glass or other unique & beautiful offerings that have been transformed by the power of Mother Ocean. Objects that were at one time discards, I reclaim & use in my art.

I mainly use SILVER in my designs because of its metaphysical qualities. Silver is a mineral that is believed to enhance your natural intuition & improve psychic ability. Silver is mystically connected with the Moon, & when worn (especially) in moonlight, it is believed to enhance a “Woman’s Eloquence."

I am evolving and learning every day, so please add me to your favorites & you will be surprised as to the direction my designs will take.

Please check out my little weathered worn beach shack & studio on Etsy, by clicking here.

Enjoy and Thanks for the Visit!

“I close my eyes in order to see” Gauguin

Peace and Mahalo!